June 11, 2019 Author:

R is a very popular open-source programming language for machine learning. Its interactive programming environment and powerful data analysis capabilities make R an ideal tool for machine learning.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the R programming language using RStudio. In addition, we will demonstrate how we can use R to train a series of machine learning models. We’ll cover supervised and unsupervised learning in the form of classification, regression, and clustering. Finally, we’ll learn how to deploy these models to production.


Please bring your own Windows laptop and complete Lab 0 to install all of the necessary software before the workshop begins.



Lab 0 – Hello WorldA
Lab 1 – R Language BasicsAB
Lab 2 – ClassificationAB
Lab 3 – RegressionAB
Lab 4 – ClusteringAB
Lab 5 – ML in PracticeAB