July 1, 2020 Author: Matthew Renze

Below are links to additional resources to allow you to dig deeper into the topics we discussed in Artificial Intelligence: Preparing Your Career for AI. All of these resources are recommended; however, they are optional and not required to complete this course.

1. Educate Yourself About AI

What is Artificial Intelligence? (Video – 2 min)
What is Machine Learning (Video – 2 min)
What is Deep Learning (Video – 2 min)
What is Reinforcement Learning (Video – 2 min)
What is Data Science? (Video – 1 min)
How to Recognize AI Snake Oil (Slides – 10 minutes)

2. Upgrade Your Career for AI
Humans Need Not Apply (Video – 15 min)
What Will Future Jobs Look Like (Video – 15 min)
Don’t Fear Intelligence Machines. Work With Them (Video – 15 min)
Indeed: The Best Jobs in the US in 2019 (Article – 5 min)
LinkedIn: 2020 Emerging Jobs Report (Article – 10 min)
Indeed: Jobs of the Future: Emerging Trends in AI (Article – 7 min)

3. Invest in an AI-first Economy
The Key to Growth – Race with the Machines (Video – 12 min)
The Great Decoupling (Article – 15 min)
Big Data at Caesars Entertainment (Article – 5 min)
How to Invest in Index Funds (Article – 5 min)
Economic Growth (Article – 30)

4. Use AI Responsibly and Ethically
Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio (Video – 8 min)
OpenAI Has Published the Text-generating AI It Said Was Too Dangerous to Share (Article – 4 min)
Slaughterbots [Warning: Contains Graphic Imagery] (Video – 8 min)
Why We Should Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons (Video – 5 min)
Universal Basic Income Explained (Video – 10 min)
How I’m Fighting Bias In Algorithms (Video – 8 min)
The Era of Blind Faith in Big Data Must End (Video – 13 min)
Understanding Explainable AI (Article – 5 min)

5. Adapt to What Comes Next
How AI Can Save Our Humanity (Video – 15 min)
What Happens When Computers Get Smarter Than We Are (Video – 16 min)
What Explains the Rise of Humans? (Video – 17 min)
The Future of Humanity (Video – 30 min)

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