July 1, 2020 Author: Matthew Renze

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?


2. What type of AI exists today and can solve a limited set of problems?


3. What caused the previous AI Winters?


4. What type of education will be necessary for everyone in order to function in an AI-driven society?


5. What should you do first before choosing your AI learning path?


6. What should you prefer when choosing reliable sources for your AI education?


7. Which tasks are most risk of becoming automated by AI?


8. What is an indicator that your company may be at risk of becoming obsolete?


9. What should you do to prepare your career for AI?


10. What has happened to Returns to Labor over the past few decades?


11. What is the first investment you should make in AI?


12. What is a simple way to invest in the whole AI economy?


13. Biased data produce what kind of problem in our AI models?


14. Which of the following provides transparency in AI models?


15. Who should we demand more from to ensure AI is used responsibly and ethically?


16. What makes us adaptable to whatever comes next?


17. What helps us avoid being duped by misinformation in the “post-truth” era?


18. What helps minimize the suffering caused by human nature conflicting with our technology?


19. What should you do now that you’ve finished this course?


20. Where can you go to find more information on any of the topics covered in this course?


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