Author: Matthew Renze
Published: October 25, 2016

Learn how to transform data into actionable insight using the practices of data science and R.

Data science is the practice of transforming data into knowledge, and R is one of the most popular programming language used by data scientists. In a data-driven economy, this combination of skills is in extremely high demand, commanding significant increases in salary, as it is revolutionizing the world.

In this course, Data Science with R, you’ll learn first learn about the practice of data science, the R programming language, and how they can be used to transform data into actionable insight. Next, you’ll learn how to transform and clean your data, create and interpret descriptive statistics, data visualizations, and statistical models. Finally, you’ll learn how to handle Big Data, make predictions using machine learning algorithms, and deploy R to production.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills necessary to use R and the principles of data science to transform your data into actionable insight.

1. Course Overview
2. Introduction to Data Science
3. Introduction to R
4. Working with Data
5. Creating Descriptive Statistics
6. Creating Data Visualizations
7. Creating Statistical Models
8. Handling Big Data
9. Predicting with Machine Learning
10. Deploying to Production

Software developers and IT professionals

Basic programming experience

2 hours and 30 minutes


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